Bridge Engine Beta 6 Brings Mixed Reality Support to Unity

August 29 2017

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One of the most requested features for Bridge Engine is finally here: in the new Bridge Engine Beta 6 release, there's now a Unity Plugin for mixed reality! You can now build immersive mixed reality experiences in your favorite game editor (assuming that editor is Unity, of course).

From day one, we've been focused on making the MR Unity plugin developer friendly. That means a simple and quick workflow for testing , and a sweet suite of debugging tools.

Historically, one of the frustrating aspects of developing AR or MR Unity experiences has been the long build and test process. Between testing in Unity, building to Xcode (waiting….), building to device (might as well go get a coffee…), you would often spend more time waiting for that little loading bar to finish than actually developing your project. With the Bridge Engine Unity plugin though, it's a different story.

When you first open the “MR Example” scene, you can run it immediately in the editor. A real scan of a room will pop right into your scene so you can see how your content will look and feel with an actual environment. If you'd like, you can even swap this default model out with a scan of your own space! It's also hard to get a feel for a 3-DoF controller using keyboard shortcuts, so the Bridge Controller will auto connect when your Unity scene is running, and you can use it directly in the editor to control the experience you are building. How cool is that?

Collectively, this all means that you can now do 90% of your development and testing directly in the Unity editor without having to build to a device again and again to perfect your app.

Test it out and let us know what you think! Developer feedback is very important to us, and we'd love to hear what features you'd like to see next.

Bridge Engine Beta 6 also includes a series of UX improvements and refinements across Bridge Engine, unifying its design and leveling up a number of spatial interactions. One of the nice updates is an overhaul of the markup system for placing virtual objects in the real world. Here's a peek at what the new system looks like:

Finally, Bridge Engine Beta 6 also includes a sample for using all features of the 3-DoF Bridge Controller.

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We hope you enjoy Bridge Engine Beta 6! And, as always, if you're stuck on a project, or want to learn more about a particular aspect of Bridge Engine, we're happy to help! Drop us a line any time at

Note: Bridge Engine is currently in closed beta, and is only available to Bridge owners. For more information see the Bridge software page.