Bridge is Now Available For Immediate Order & Delivery

June 12 2017

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After having delivered all Bridge Explorer Editions and pre-orders, we’ve now launched Bridge in general availability. Depending on where you are in the world, you can receive a new Bridge headset as soon as the next day after you order it. Bridge is available now for the iPhone 6/6s and the iPhone 7, and arrives with the new 3-DoF Bridge Controller and new, replaceable lens spacers (more on those below!). Order a Bridge now.

Bridge Highlight: Replaceable Lens Spacers

Bridge has been the subject of a few key hardware upgrades, and one in particular will come as welcome news to those who wear glasses. Starting with Bridge headsets delivered to pre-order purchasers, Bridge now arrives with three sets of removable lens spacers designed to accommodate both the physical and optical needs of those who wear glasses. The different lens spacers allow for optimal use for those with the following eyeglass prescriptions: 0 to -1 diopter (mild nearshightedness), -1 to -3 diopter (moderate nearsightedness), and -3 to -5 diopter (significant nearsightedness).