What's in the box? It's a Tutorial!

August 7 2017

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Introducing… the Bridge Tutorial Series!

There’s a box on your doorstep. What could it be? Surprise, it’s your new Bridge headset!

Now that you have your Bridge in hand, what next? After playing a game of fetch with Bridget and portaling into other worlds, you might want to dive in and start coding your own experiences with Bridge Engine. To help you build your first mobile mixed reality experience, we are proud to announce our Bridge Tutorial Series in collaboration with Aaron Hilton from Steampunk Digital.

Aaron will guide us through the whole development process with Bridge Engine. Topics will range from setting up your development environment, advanced debugging tips and tricks, plus a full dive into Bridge Engine and its Unity plugin. There will be lots to learn these next couple of months.

To start our educational journey together, here’s a little teaser:

Stuck on a project, or want to learn more about a particular aspect of Bridge Engine? We would love to hear your thoughts! Submit a request for future tutorials at support+bridge@occipital.com