BRIDGE (Polycarbonate)

Bridge (Polycarbonate) is a lower-cost version of the Bridge headset where the aluminum frame is replaced by a strong polycarbonate material. The Structure Sensor is not included with Bridge (Polycarbonate), as it is designed for rotation-only (3-DoF) VR experiences. It’s compatible with all Cardboard-style gaze-based apps. See the "Recommended iOS VR Apps" section in the Bridge software page for some of our favorites!

BRIDGE (Polycarbonate) comes with a BRIDGE Controller

The Bridge controller has 3-DoF rotational tracking to manipulate objects with high precision, along with five buttons and a capacitive touchpad to make interaction smooth and natural.

BRIDGE (Polycarbonate)


Create and experience mobile VR apps with Bridge (Polycarbonate) and the Bridge controller.


Bridge (Polycarbonate), Wide Vision Lens, Bridge Controller

Available for

iPhone X, iPhone XS