BRIDGE (Polycarbonate)

Bridge (Polycarbonate) is a lower-cost version of the Bridge headset where the aluminum frame is replaced by a strong polycarbonate material. The Structure Sensor is not included with Bridge (Polycarbonate), as it is designed for rotation-only (3-DoF) VR experiences. It’s compatible with all Cardboard-style gaze-based apps. See the "Recommended iOS VR Apps" section in the Bridge software page for some of our favorites!

BRIDGE (Polycarbonate) comes with a BRIDGE Controller

The Bridge controller has 3-DoF rotational tracking to manipulate objects with high precision, along with five buttons and a capacitive touchpad to make interaction smooth and natural.

BRIDGE (Polycarbonate) — $139

Create and experience mobile VR apps with Bridge (Polycarbonate) and the Bridge controller.


Bridge (Polycarbonate), Wide Vision Lens, Bridge Controller

Available for

iPhone X, iPhone XS